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Víctor Uris

He was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1958. With self taught formation he began in the music's world at the end of 1982 soon after the birth of the band HARMONICA BLUES BAND that was fruit of the union of three musicians from Mallorca: Pep Banyo, Toni Reynes and Victor Uris. With this formation began to play for the island with a classic repertoire of blues and own compositions. During the following two years they went uniting other element until in 1985 where they were consolidated. Starting from here they act in the main holidays and musical events of the capital and of the rest of the island. 

Pure acoustic style and piedmont, having gone by so diverse formations as, the Harmonica Coixa Blues Band and multiple collaborations with diverse musicians of this country. 

In 1987 they recorded their first single in study and other live engraving in the AUDITORIUM of PALM during the VI FESTIVAL OF JAZZ OF PALMA. Soon they recorded a collective record, JAZZ FESTIVAL with other groups mallorquines. In 1988 their first L.P recorded as own production. It is then when they took the relief of the voice Errol Woiski. This same year they made a mini-tour for the Spanish state and they appear in different television programs. During the 89 they followed the performances along the islands and state. Beginning decade 90´s some changes they arised in the composition of the group entering to be part of the same one the guitar player Vicenç Caldentey and the Catalan vocalist Big Mama.

With this formation in 1991 they carried out the recording of their second L.P. "Walking Blues". In 1992 Big Mama and Sebastian Catany left the group taking Vistor Uris the relief of the voice and Manolo Mari as drumer. In 1993 Hugo Socrate as vocalist and percussionist up to 1994 in that the group decides to take a sabbath year.

In 1994, Victor Uris, carries out next to Big Mama a tour for Catalonia. They recorded an acoustic CD with the incorporation of Amadeu Houses (dobro and guitars), reaching a remarkable success and recognition.

At the moment heworks in a project with the Victor Uris Band with a new repertoire of versions of Blues and Jazz including own topics. On the other hand Victor Uris  has collaborated in study as live with other musicians, for example: Johnny Copeland, Kevin Ayers, Phil May Band (Pretty Things), Joan Bibiloni, Max Sunyer, Salvador Font.

In the theater, the music he has composed "Les nits blanque" of T.M. Dostoevsky adapted by L´Iguana Teatre and also the music of "Surabaya" interpreted by Aina Compte participating with this in the international festival of teatre from Tarrega (1992).

In television, he has participated in different programs of national and local T.V. as well as different musical festivals and workshops and seminars of the harmonica.

His albums available from label Discmedi.


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