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Maurici "little comet" Morera

Maurici "little comet" Morera (1968) harmonica player and singer. he plays the well-known of the great harp players of the Blues like Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, George Smith.. Ha played with important musicians from Catalonia like Victor Uris, Amadeu Casas, August Tharrats, and international as the bass and singer from Chicago Willie kent, Sleepy Labeef, or Hook Herrera. He plays with diatonic and chromatic harmonica, this thanks to the great chrom player Jordi Odena "Harmony george", a classic player that only plays with chromatic. 

He is part of a blues group, The Midnight Rockets that base their repertoire in classic of the Blues of all the times, but they are not the classics but typical, but classic of musicians like Junior Wells, George Smith, Frank Frost, Albert Collins etc… they choose the song they analyze it and they play it like he has the sound as if the author gave them a masterful class. Given the experience in general of the members of the band, they can make this work, as if each song was a different book, one sad, one of laugh, etc...

Keeping in mind the problem of the Spanish Blues, it is not genuine, the language is a problem, there are not so many musicians that they like and play the blues well, (the blues in Spain, is a minority, for that reason it is important that the few ones that they like, be united), The midnight Rockets that makes it is simply to enjoy in the scenario and sounds as if really outside a come band from Texas, the test is simply the work published by Discmedi "Midnight Jump."

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