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Marcos Coll

Marcos Coll

Marcos Coll was born in Madrid in 1976, moving to Santiago DC in childhood. With 13 years began playing the harmonica by his uncle, also a musician and influenced by the legendary Spanish harmonica Ņaco Goņi .... After several amateur bands as Red Blues Band at 95 formed his first professional band called Blue Rags. In 1999 he returned to Madrid to become part of the oldest blues band and conocidad the country, the Tonky Blues Band.

With this band, at age 21 had an opportunity of turning and record with blues legends and rock like Mick Taylor ( Rolling Stones guitarist ) and Buddy Miles ( drummer for Jimi Hendrix Band of Gipsys ) and even made a blues with Tom Jones! After all these experiences and learning, along with Adrian Costa decides to form Los Reyes del KO, which soon became one of the great blues references in Spain and Europe , winning all kinds of awards and accolades and even to appear in the books of music of Galicia secondary´s school.

With the band shared the stage worldwide with large music as Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, John Mayall, Solomon Burke, The Animals and the Fabulous Thunderbirds .

As a session musician recorded with many artists such as Sinister , etc. as well as also music for televison or film composer mudo. Beeing not  extensive some of your songs can be listened in tv programs and radio or in movies as the great success in Mexico "Suave Patria" .

He also worked in Spain as teacher in different schools of music as well as doing mastarclass and workshops worldwide, in Spanish, English or German. As endorser and advertising image of the brand of Hohner instruments, he attended the editions of 2009 and 2013, taught workshop and been on the jury of the most prestigious World Harmonica Festival World Harmonica Festival and which is held every four years in Trossingen. Today, apart from playing as Marcos Coll Blues Revel, with Rico MClarrin, Chris Rannenberg, or Guitar Crusher, its main project is the Latin music band The Mighty Calacas , with currently touring the world presenting their debut album, with guest artists such as Charlie Musselwhite, etc .

Apart from his discography with the Kings of Ko, The Mighty Calacas, and many collaborations include its double album Marcos Coll "Under the wings" totally eclectic an album where they meet more archaic blues with funk, Latin music or hip hop and where he reviews a history of 20 years, and includes colabaraciones of musicians I work with at the time as Buddy Miles, Mick Taylor, Aron Burton , and many more ......

Currently besides working with the Mighty Calacas , this disc also presents countries in Europe, America or Africa ........

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