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Manuel de Arcos

(1954) Like almost all he began with a harmonica in the pocket going to the primary school (a Piccolo harmonica). At final 60´s, he was hooked with those that Bob Dylan put in his songs or those that arrived from groups like Canned Heat or Paul Butterfield (those music that he could hear with astonishment thanks to the LP that got of the American Air bases during those psychedelic years) and John Mayall or Duster Bennett (with Fletwood Mac). He began to play in public with more fear than another thing at the 17 accompanying a colleague to the voice and guitar and already at the end of the 70 he began to be part of the group of rock-blues-rythm&blues-jazz called Mezzanines, formation longeva of the scene Sevillana for which numerous musicians happened and that it surprisingly only published an album in 1990 ("Entresuelos" Cambaya Records) in the one that can be heard in almost all the topics. By the middle of the 80 he began to hear blues from the same sources that all his admired white bluesmen, devouring all the styles unceasingly, per decades, for regions...    

At the same time that he was documented via subscriptions to magazines, books or videos, and working near Tarifa, he knew the members of the Algeciras Blues Express that invited him to join to the band, thing that makes without doubting it a collaboration that lasted up at 92 and ages that he remembers very good concerts and good roll. 2 LP was recorded but only the first one came out ("Algeciras Blues Express" Cambayá Records 1990).  

From the 90´s he also keeps good memories from groups like La Dama Eléctrica or The Perkins with those recorded on studio in the 96 again ("Blues Cabal" Antequera Records). Apart from these groups with those that he had opportunity to play in enough festivals of Blues he has participated in diverse projects and formations of all type to adapt them to the demands of the owners of the locals, places and pubs that, statement is in passing, they are not many. In summary, a lot of blues and bigger ruin, but mainly a great pleasure every time that he plays that nobody doesn't remove him and that he survives while the years pass.

His favorite harmonicas without place to doubts are the Hohner. He gives him the same Marine Band that the Blues Harp in wood or the Pro Harp in plastic. If he has to use a Tombo he suffers a little but he doesn't know since reason they are really better in design and duration. With micros he has a good selection: Green Bullet, Astatics JT30, Shakers, Shure SM58, Shure 545S... but his favorite ones are magnificent 2 metallic Electrovoice from the 70´s, a 664 and a stupendous 638. As for amplifier he uses either Fender Super 60 with one of 12" or a reissue of the Fender Vibroverb from 68 in brown tolex with 2 of 10" that it sounds incredible since he changed some lamps. His jewel nevertheless is a small ampli with a 8" speaker and single 3 lamps (previous, power and rectificador) from a old radio that once is warm sounds magnifique.

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