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José Luis naranjo Gonzalo

Born in Cáceres, February 6th 1963.    His harmonica fascination went back since his childhood. He always wanted to have a harmonica teacher, but he never had the luck to find it, and therefore, he put under an obligation him to train with this instrument in a completely self taught way. 

Regarding his musical education, he studied in the conservatory from Salamanca, and, although he left it, he continued later on also musical studies in a self taught way, but always with the help of professional musicians, what allowed him to acquire knowledge of sol-fa, harmony and arrangements.  

He has participated from 1986 in numerous musical formations of different styles: Blues, jazz, bossa, flamenco.  Such as Karen James Blues Band, Bluebirb (acting with artists like Louissiana Rey and Carey Bell); in Germany and Holland, with Flamenco-Harp, and the Hamburg Harmonica Orchestra and quartet Happy Harp´s both with the same name.   Later on forming the Blues group Poker de Blues with which he played for great part of the Spanish geography and recorded the CD "Paso a paso". At the present time e resides in Trujillo (Cáceres) and it alternates his musical activity with an acoustic formation with two guitars and bass, still in preparation, and particular classes.   Also he´s preparing a seminar has more than enough harmonica that will be imparted in the municipal school of music of Cáceres in some months.  

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