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José Galindo

He studied his music develop in several workshops in Castellón. Soon he discovered his passion for the color music (Jazz, Blues, funky, etc...) and the sound of the harmonica.  

He began to investigate the technique of this instrument in a self taught way leaning in old methods, because didn't exist any conservatory or class that could get attention to the harmonica world.

After more 16 years dedicated exclusively to the harmonica he knows and maintains regular contact with national and American harmonica players to share experiences and continue advancing in the study of the technique of this instrument as versatile as unknown. 

His musical trajectory has carried out performances in numerous concerts all over this country like; Sala Clamores (Madrid), Sala Siroco (Madrid), El Corral de las Cigüeñas (Cáceres), Sala Folky (Valladolid), Matisse (Valencia), Club Roxy (Valencia), etc..  and in numerous occasions in our unforgettable Café del Mar. 

In 1997 his band was included in the program INJUVE (Ministry of Work) in the section Jazz-Blues (only five bands were selected of among the whole country), with they carried out a tour for numerous places form this national territory, the jury was compound among others for the program´s director and critic "Jazz por que si" by Radio 3 RNE Juan Carlos Cifuentes "Cifu." 

As study and live musician he has collaborated for those diverse formations of diverse styles, from the Jazz to New Age, Fussion, etc... so much for National bands as European. 

Project COLUBRARIA:  I have "always" felt in debt with the Islands, a very strong linking exists between Columbretes islands and my family, where we have enjoyed indescribable moments. For two years most of my time like musician has been overturned in the composition of a album dedicated to our Islands. I have had the immense luck to find musician and friends you tune to this project that they have helped me in an altruistic way, being contagious to encourage seeing like the compositions took form . There is a part of each one of them in this project."

Musical analysis:  The musical analysis of Colubraria is the execution of rhythms and traditional melodies in our folclore, as the "Pasodoble", the "Marcha Mora" or the "Rumba", with an instrument soloist like the harmonica associated to other musicians. At first sight can be a crash, every time it is made but when recognizing the sound of the harmonica a similarity to the Dolçaina (folk flute). 

The musicians that have helped to me, they endorse the quality of this project are:

Jesus Gimeno: Battery and percussion, Diego Barbera: Bass Fretless, Michel Llorens: Accordion, Ximo Muñoz: Mandolin and Brouzouki, Manolo Frame: Spanish guitar and Palms, Joaquín Pinilla: Electroacustic Guitar, Leticia Casañ: Cello, José Ramírez: Palms, Paco Vila: Trombone, Juan Carlos Tomas: Technical producer and Acoustic Guitar. 

Technical specifications: 

Engraving in the studies  La Seta Azul with table Soundcraft Saphire LC and Yamaha O2R, computer System Pro-Tools, Microphones Astatic Chrystal Ball and Neumann, Harmonicas Lee Oskar Melody Maker, Harmonic Minor y Suzuki Promaster Diatonic Major, Guitars Guilt X-170, Alhambra CTW-5P and Takamine, electric Bass Fender Precission Fretless, Mandolin Suzuki MF 250, Accordion Paolo Soprani, Battery Yamaha Power 5 - Plates Paiste and they Knew, Trombone King 4B. 

The album consists approximately of 7 songs with a total duration of 28 minutes.

Purpose:  To give to know the work of the musicians of Benicassim (Castellón), as well as the music folcloric of this land, and dedicate to this magic magic as our Islands Columbretes.   

This project doesn't put an end here the recording will finish with a repertoire of 60 approximate minutes of duration to present in culture houses, theaters, auditories, pubs and festivals of ethnic character.  

Destination:  The main radio stations, mainly in programs of cultural content (RNE, Catalunya Radio, Radio 9, etc...). specialized music shops, as well as to specialized catalogs.   

For contacts, recruitings, lessons or questions:      galindoharp@terra.es


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