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Jordi Ódena

Also well-known in his time like "Harmony George" La Armónica Plus, technic professor and virtuous soloist of the harmonica, one of the international Spanish harmonica players of all the times, first award-winning with the gold´s harmonica, active member of the France Harmonica Club, also nominated Vice-president of the International Federation of Harmonica for Spain. 

Cofundador and professor of "El Armónica Club de Barcelona" (Barcelona harmonca´s club), whose we write down the detailed record next inside their long life like musician of the chromatic harmonica: 

The Spanish world champion's of harmonica soloists first professor, Ramón Boter. 

Technical professor of the "Quartet Néixer", world subchampion of harmonica.

Twice champion from Catalonia and of great name of contests.

First champion from harmonica soloists' Spain.

Soloist of the musical group "Boys of Kansas City".

Soloist of the Trio of harmonic "Rávels".

Collaborator in the improvement of the Method Latorre to learn how to play the harmonica.

Collaborator with the teacher X. Montsalvatge, in the recording of the musical band of the movie "Districte Cinqué". Award-winning active member, distinguishing characteristic of gold for the France Harmonica Club. 


He is author of the arrangements that interprets.                                          

He has taken his matter and original style of interpreting the music with the harmonica around the world like it is: Rótterdam, Ámsterdam, Purmerend (Holland), Dakar, Nigeria (Costa of Ivory), Buenos Aires, Maracaibo (Venezuela), Curasao (Dutch Antilles), Los Angeles, San José from California, VI Fleet Carries airships SAIPAN (USA), Sant John, New Brunwick (Canada), Dublin (Ireland), Ardrossen (Scotland), Manchester, Barry, Brístol (UK), Alborg (Denmark), Goteborg (Sweden), Institut d´Estudis Musicals (Andorra), Abbey of Sant Miquel of Cuxá, Prades of Conflent (France), Islands Canaries 1998 (26 concerts), 1999 Paris, romantic concerts in the Bateaux Moushes in the Sena. 

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