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The Harmonica and his history

Christina Friedrich Ludwing Buscamnn (1805-1864) invented the mouth harmonica in the year 1821, when it was building a small wind instrument with free flukes that it had to be good him for their studies on the influence of the air in the formation to the sound. It was used for the tuning of the organs. One year later, when it was completed with a bellows of vertical leather, to have the free hands for their work. A manufacturer of musical instruments, Cyrillus Demian, from Vienna (1772-1847) continued developing this primitive form and built the first accordion (1829). after several ocasions the "Viennese Harmonica mouth", arrived another time in Germany and then began in Trossingen where was perfect this harmonica in the year 1827.

But the watchmaker Matthias Hohner got interested for this instrument and manufactured it in the shop of his property from the year 1857. In Spain it was adapted as musical instrument by D. Joaquim Fusté Alcalá in the year 1950, getting with the group "Los Akord´s" in the year 1955 in Whiterthur (Switzerland), 1957 in Luxemburg and in 1960 Pavia (Italy), winners of world champion.



The harmonica and his history (354 pages)
Our percussors
National and world contests
The virtuosos speech
Advisory discography (700 recordings 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 33 rpm)
Soloist-trios and harmonica groups (more than 500 players of this instrument)
The production of the harmonica Hohner-Trossingen
The harmonica and the Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock
Technique of the harmonica
Analysis of a time
50 YEARS OF THE HARMONICA 1950-2000 in Spain

50 AÑOS DE LA ARMONICA 1950-2000 By Joaquín Fuste Alcala


World champion Winterthur (Switzerland 1955-56) 

World champion Luxemburg (1957-58) 

World champion Pavia (Italy 1960) 

Professor graduated by E.N.A.I. Rome (Italy) 



He is owner of a music store where they repair, tune, etc on all class of harmonicas.

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As summary of his book and some articles:


- Analisis of a time

- Harmonica World Championship Barcelona 1960




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