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Gianluca Littera

Born in Rome (Italy) in 1962.

His music study began at 7 year-old age. 

In the 1971 he began the study of the viola at “Musical Conservatory G.B. Martini” in Bologna and successively with the M° Dino Asciolla. 

He graduate in viola at 1981 with the maximum punctuation and mention and honor at“Conservatory G. Rossini” from Pesaro.

In the 1982 he won the Competition as Orchestra´s profesor “Ente Autonomo Teatro Comunale di Bologna”. During this time (7 years), He had the opportunity to play with the best Directors such as; George Solti, Riccardo Muti, Riccardo Chailly, Chung… and also recorded with the best singers; Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Frani, José Carreras… he has been devoted to the Chromatic Harmonica in soloist's quality for ten years.


His Chamera and Symphonic repertoire includes original works dedicated to this instrument and Composers like; Heitor Villa Lobos (Concert for Harmonica and Orchestra), Darius Milhaud (Suite Anglaise for Harmonica and Orchestra), Gordon Jacob, Vaughan Williams, William Walton, Luciano Chailly.


In 1997 he recorded engraving the "Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra" by Heitor Villa Lobos for the label Art-nova B.M.G., accompanied by the Orchestra O.F.G.C. and driver Adrián Leaper.


For the season 2000-2001 have foreseen Concerts in Italy and Spain. 


In April 2000 he was guest of the Symphonic Orchestra from Colombia, driver Alejandro Posada, where he interpreted the work “Five Pieces” for Harmonica and Orchestra of Gordon Jacob. 


This same year also he had collaborated with the prestigious Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale of the Santa Cecilia in Rome under the direction of M.W.Chung, recorded for the Deutches Grammophone a Suite for Symphonic Orquestra and Big Band of Duke Ellington “Night Creature”. 


The recording of this CD “live” is the result of three Concerts in the Auditory Nazionale from Rome in the Official Season of the Santa Cecilia's Orchestra, where the Harmonica, highlighting like instrument soloist lifted big enthusiasm of public and critic. 


He has collaborated with Chamera Orchestra like “I Cameristi Italiani”, and integrated as member of the Orquestra Accademia Nazionale of the Santa Cecilia from Rome. 


With this group played his third CD recorded in December 2000 in the Oratory of the Gonfalone from Rome, the composition of the Mº Luciano Chailly, “Improvvisazione nº9” per Harmonica, Orchestra of strings and percussión.

With “I Cameristi Italiani” he has been on tour in Japan (Tokyo-May 2001) for concerts of the most important cultural events foreseen for the 2001 between Italy and Japan.


In this occasion was the first time in absolute world cousin the famous composer's composition Mr. Ennio Morricone for Harmonica and Orchestra of strings “Immobile nr. 2”, composed expressly for this occasion and for “I Cameristi Italiani” and Gianluca Littera. 

Always with “I Cameristi Italiani” they will be of tour for Spain playing in the main cities, interpreting works of Camera for Harmonica and Orchestra of Strings, besides their free arrangements on topics of contemporary Tango of Piazzolla, always for Harmonica and Orchestra of Strings. Gianluca Littera, also composer and arreglista in 1998 finished the work “Concert for Bandoneón and Orchestra”.   


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“… In the second half of the concert, Gianluca Littera played splendidly the Five Pieces by Gordon Jacob, he was able to help one of the rarest works written for this difficult instrument…”

Franzina Ancona, Rinascita  

“I composed “Immobile 2” after having heard Gianluca Littera’s artistry. His talent is evident and my decision to compose this piece is the sign of my appreciation of his art.”

Sincerely, Ennio Morricone  

“Dear Mr. Littera, I listened again to the recording of my Improvvisazione #9, and it renewed my complete satisfaction with your “great artist” recording, it was performed with high class. When John Sebastian died I thought that this composition would never be played again, it was quite demanding for him. Instead you arrived on the scene with such skill and self-assurance that enabled to maintain the required high level of performance.”

Luciano Chailly  

“Gianluca Littera is one of the rarest musicians who dedicated himself professionally to the classical repertoire for harmonica, allowing us to be amazed at the potential of this instrument.”

Edoardo Tomaselli, Planeta Musica



Symphonic Repertoire:


H. Villa Lobos

Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra

Darius Milhaud

Suite Anglaise for Harmonica and Orchestra

Malcolm Arnold

Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra

Arthur Benjamin

Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra

Robert Farnon

Prelude and Dance for Harmonica and Orchestra


Chamber Repertoire:


Gordon Jacob

Five Pieces for Harmonica and Strings

Gordon Jacob

Divertimento for Harmonica and Strings

(originally for Harmonica and String Quartet)

Luciano Chailly

Improvvisazione #9 for Harmonica, String Orchestra and Percussion

R. Vaughan Williams

Romance for Harmonica, Strings and Piano

Ennio Morricone

Immobile #2 for Harmonica and Strings

(world premiere G.Littera Tokio May 2001)

Vilem Tausky

Concertino for Harmonica, Strings, Harp and Percussion

Alan Hovhaness

Seven Greek Folk Dances for Harmonica and Strings

A. Piazzola

Las 4 Estagiones para Harmonica y Orquesta de Cuerdas

(arranged G. Littera)

G. Faure


(transcribed and arranged G. Littera)

Gordon Jacob

Divertimento for Harmonica and String Quartet

James Moody

Quintet for Harmonica and String Quartet

Astor Piazzolla

Various works

(arranged G. Littera)


Harmonica and piano Repertoire:


Gordon Jacob

Five Pieces for Harmonica and Piano

(original arranged by the composer)

Alan Hovhaness

Seven Greek Folk Dances

Robert Farnon

Prelude and Dance


Pavane for Harmonica and Piano

(transcribed G. Littera)Astor Piazzolla

Adios Nonino

(arranged G. Littera)

James Moody



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